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Brilliant Legacy / Shining Inheritance

Title: 찬란한 유산 / Chanranhan yusan
Also known as: Shining Inheritance / Brilliant Legacy / Beautiful Legacy
Previously known as: 인생은 아름다워 / Life Is Beautiful
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 26
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2009-Apr-25 to 2009-Jul-??
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:45
■Hyo-ju Han as Eun-Seong Ko
■Lee Seung-ki as Seon Woo-hwan
■Bae Su-bin as Park Jun-se
■Chae-won, Mun as Seung-mi Yu
■In-Taek Jeon as Ko Pyeong-jung
■Mi-suk Kim as Seong-hee Park
■Jun-seok Yeon as Ko Eun-woo
■Jae-Seung Kim as Lee Hyeong-jin
■Hyo-Jeong Ban as Jang Suk-ja
■Ji-in Yu as Oh Yeong-ran
■Han Ye-won as Jeong Seon-Woo
■Choi Jeong-woo as Tae-su Park
■Lee Seung-hyeong as Cheol Seong-Pyo
■Yeo-eun Son as In-Yeong Jeong
■Yeong-won Min as Hye-ri Lee
■Jeong Seok-won as Jin Yeong-seok
PloT StoRy

Go Eun Sung’s life is similar to Cinderella’s. After her father died, her step-mother, Baek Sung Hee, took away all of her assets and her younger brother, Eun Woo, suddenly disappears without a trace. Despite this, Eun Sung preservers and works really hard to fulfill her dreams. When the CEO of a food company, Jang Sook Ja, suffers amnesia and can’t remember who she is Eun Sung takes her in. However, Eun Sung does not know that she is the grandmother of Sun Woo Hwan, the man who she switched bags with at the airport. How will their constant bickering lead them to realize that they care more about each other than they let on?
SouNDTrack oR MP3

01. Person Who Lives In My Heart – Isu From MC the MAX
02. Crazy In Love – Jisun
03. One Of You – Kang Ha Ni
Sountrack 2
Only You – Kang Ha Ni
The Person – Yi Soo (이수)
Crazy in Love – Ji Sun
Love is Punishment – K. Will
Spring Rain – Ji Hye
환이를 잡아라
We’re a Family?
Funny Life
너에게 가는 길
Brilliant Legacy | Shining Inheritance is one drama Korean picking successful in his own country. Drama Brilliant Legacy | Shining Inheritance These are directed by a Korean director named Jin Hyeok. Brilliant Legacy | Shining Inheritance It has 28 episodes, which will be aired by television stations Indosiar who loved to show Korean drama. As outlined Brilliant Legacy | Shining Inheritance It tells of Ko Eun-Seong who lost his mother when she was 11 years old, and her father married again with Baek Seong-hee at the age of 16. He felt very disappointed with his new family. Not long ago after his birth mother abandoned and her father married again, disaster again came over to Ko Eun-Seong who took his father’s life. After that accident, luck went Eun-Seong when he inherited a fortune but it was not from his own father. Seon Woo-han is the arrogant young man, but handsome. He does not respect any value ketida money he raised by his grandmother and mother rich. One day, Grandma Woo-han make a strange decision …. he will give all his property for Eun-Seong Ko. Over time Seon Woo-han began to put the heart to Eun-Seong Ko, but he did not openly admit it, but from all his behavior shows that he loves Eun-Seong Ko. As Korean dramas before, Brilliant Legacy | Shining Inheritance This would be peppered by stories of love strong enough. If you see a brief plot Brilliant Legacy | Shining Inheritance is ideal for a teenager with only 28 episodes.

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