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Aimi meaning

Gender: Feminine
Usage: Japanese
Other Scripts: 愛美 (Japanese)
From Japanese 愛 (ai) "love, affection" and 美 (mi) "beautiful".

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Sonny With A Chance Season 2 Episode 11 Falling for the Falls Part 2nd (...

Sonny With A Chance Season 2 Episode 11 Falling For The Falls Part 2nd (...

Sonny With A Chance Season 2 Episode 11 Falling For The Falls Part 2nd...


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Over Night ~ Aya

Chevalier ending

Chevalier Opening

Prosecutor Princess Episode 5 Eng Sub Part 5

Prosecutor Princess Episode 5 Eng Sub Part 4

Prosecutor Princess Episode 5 Eng Sub Part 3

Prosecutor Princess Episode 5 Eng Sub Part 2

prosecutor princess episode 5 eng sub part 1

Eternal Poison Part 26 (Ashley's Tale)

Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories Opening Intro Cutscene

Atelier Iris 3: Grand Phantasm Opening

Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth of Destiny OP

Atelier Iris - Eternal Mana Intro

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Choosing a French Lycee (High School) for Your Child

Choosing a French Lycee (High School)
for Your Child

Living in France

Dec 22, 2007

France is well endowed with a very good educational system. So, if you are planning on moving to France or sending your child to a French boarding school I strongly suggest looking into it before moving, or as soon as you arrive.

I've always been a determined advocate of an enriching and varied curriculum throughout my child's life. That has not changed now that she is a teenager or now that we live in France. I still believe in being very involved in her daily educational on-goings and aware of all aspects of the educational needs and accessibility.

When we first moved to France, Sophie and I looked into a well-respected international school in Sophia Antopolis called Centre International de Valbonne. She was quite pleased with the teachers and what was available educationally. However, the school was scientifically based rather than more inclined toward the arts which didn't seem like a good fit for her.

Sophie's old school was an art school. It is considered the top fine arts boarding school in the US. It offers an abundance of art classes in just about any field imaginable as well as some of the finest college preparatory classes any school might offer. Her new school was more inclined toward the sciences. She had a hard time finding friends she might grow really close with, as she had at her previous school. That being said, she had a fine circle of friends, just not as close knit as she had previously experienced and was longing to find again. I suggested it was because the setting was different. She was an artist and wasn't likely to find her 'type' outside of her realm but that she had plenty of friends and I saw no problem as she was getting on well in school and had enjoyed her classes so much.

A couple times, I suggested we look into art schools in France. Sophie was very reserved toward the idea of changing schools as she felt the education she was receiving was quite good and the school had a fine reputation. She did not want to transfer to another school which might not be as rigorous or who's students might not fair as well on the Bac or SATs.

In the end, we decided to look at other school. The criteria were simple but decisive and we were unflinching in our requirements. We wanted a school with a safe track record (no to very low crime equaling less than 8 incidents annually), we wanted a 100% Bac pass rate, we wanted a strong art, theatre, art history or cinema option and we wanted the city to be on we'd want to live in for up to three years.

After a thorough and rigorous search we found four lycees that met all of our requirements. We narrowed it down to two schools on opposite sides of the country. I wanted to move to Normandy and Sophie wanted to move to Strasbourg. Normandy is supposed to have a large English speaking population and I am under the impression the architecture is quite different from that we might find in the South of France, where we were moving from.

Sophie doesn't mind cold winters, so that did not detour her from finding Strasbourg a viable option, plus she loved the city, or what she had seen of it on Google Images and she firmly believed the school was very academically inclined not to mention the fact that it offered both an art history section as well as a theatre section.

I was not moved. I do not like the cold and, quite honestly, I found the thought of living in an area with a large English population fair more attractive than living in a town heavily influenced by a rigidness often associated with Germans.

It was time to make a choice. I wanted to make the right choice based on all the facts and information rather than a passionate plea formed by one's desires - has that been the case I would have moved to Normandy only to visit Sophie on Holidays in Strasbourg.

I sat down and wrote out a 'Pros and Cons' list. Much to my dismay, by my own notes on both towns and schools taking into consideration every possible aspect of life that might come into play Strasbourg won hands down. No matter how I tried to come up with an equal amount of positives for Normandy I couldn't even come close.

I did not tell Sophie of my findings, initially, Instead, I suggested we go out to one of our favorite little cafes to take the time to write out a 'Pros and Cons' list just to see what we come up with. She was okay with going to the sweet little cafe but rather inclined to believe the list would prove completely futile as she new I had no desire to move to Strasbourg and had pretty much resigned herself to that fact. Nonetheless, she knew I wouldn't take no for an answer so we went through the steps anyway. Once we had finished the list and there were at least two or three times as many pros for Strasbourg she still wasn't impressed. I think she was waiting for the other shoe to fall off. I said, 'Look Honey. Look at the list. What does it say to you?" She looked at the list. She looked at me. I couldn't help but give a little smile at which point she began to get a little glimmer of realization in her eye and I told her, "Je t'aime (I love you). We're moving to Strasbourg." and I have her a big smile only to be surpassed by the radiant glow of happiness on her face.

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Kuroshitsuj Opening 2 HQ

Kuroshitsuji-Opening 1 [official]

Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan Opening 1

K-ON!! Ending 2 - No, Thank You! [HD]

K-ON!! Ending 1 - Listen! [HD]

K-ON!! Ending theme - Don't Say Lazy


So much drama I tell you. haha... Well, here is the brief summary:

Ad is Iz's junior during secondary school. He freaking likes bullying her and so you can expect they hate each other like crazy. 8 years after that, they meet again. Iz's girlfriend, Marina fly and leave him, just because Iz proposes her (I swear, that girl is mental! haha... I may afraid of commitment too, but according to that story, this is the third time she left, each one after Iz proposed to her!) Then, Iz is desperate to find a girl for him to introduce to his royal family (Iz is a Tengku) then Ad comes to his house to deliver some dresses of Marina, long story short was mistaken to be Iz's gf, then Iz's grandmother likes her, and they got married, RIGHT AWAY! haha... It was a contract marriage, then they eventually fall in love, then Marina comes back. Iz's cousin loves Ad, Iz's father dislikes Ad, so they want to get rid of Ad once and for all. Except Iz's cousin (whom I found extremely handsome, just from the description, and so cool! haha). Then Iz kicked her out of the house, without knowing that she's pregnant, and then some scenes then they make up.


Got a little "Aa+Bb-ish:" a little bit, then also got Bicara Hati influence, and all sort of novel. I mean this author is damn brilliant, she's like mix up everything into one. haha... I like it, a little. Mostly because it's like other novel written by young author, light and very "teenage-ish" haha... But, it also just like other novel, with so much drama. Ad was shot by Marina, then it was found that Ad got a twin, her name is Ann and she's death because of tumour. Make matter worst, Ann was Iz's first love. Iz's father strongly hates Ad, so he joins forces with Marina to keep the couple apart. Drama, and drama, and drama.

In which at one point, I love English novel more than Malay. Because it got less drama, and the message is more clear. Tapi aku kan orang Melayu, tak nak lah lupa daratan pulak kan. haha... Malay novel is also good what, cuma banyak drama tu jek. And sometimes I got sick of it.

But I like the novel because it's damn funny. I finished 636 pages in less than 12 hours, plus minus my sleeping time. haha... I found most scenes in the novel, so sweet although the narrator said it's romantic. haha... I think they're sweet, not romantic. haha... Like the night, when they had picnic at the field under the stars, then when they were at PD building sand castle at 4 AM, boy so sweet. haha... And they plays hide and seek during weekend at their house. haha... I love those! Then I love the most the part that they used "Kau and aku" even though they already make up. haha... So cool man, it is so not like husband and wife. It's more like housemate or something, even diaorang dah baik pun. haha...

Besides that novel, I borrowed also this for me to read, ONCE again. haha..


How Déjà Vu Works

Types of Déjà Vu

© Magmarczz | Dreamstime.com
Types of deja vu include associative, biological, and chronic deja vu. Learn about the different types of deja vu and how the types of deja vu relate.
Defining types of déjà vu is a very slippery area. Those who h­ave studied it have applied their own categories and differentiations -- each usually tied to a specific theor­y about what causes déjà vu. Alan Brown, a professor of psychology at South Methodist University and author of "The Déjà Vu Experience: Essays in Cognitive Psychology," has three categories for déjà vu. He believes there is déjà vu caused by biological dysfunction (e.g., epilepsy), implicit familiarity and divided perception. In 1983, Dr. Vernon Neppe, Director of the Pacific Neuropsychiatric Institute in Seattle, proposed four subcategories of déjà vu, including epileptic, subjective paranormal, schizophrenic and associative.
Chronic Déjà Vu
Recently, there have been studies of people who have what researchers are terming "chronic déjà vu." Four senior citizens in the United Kingdom have experienced déjà vu in a constant state. They refused to watch the news because they felt like they already knew what was going to be said (even though they really didn't). Or, they wouldn't go to the doctor because they felt like they had already been and didn't see the point.
Researchers have suggested that these individuals have experienced a failure in the temporal lobe. The circuits that are activated when you remember something have gotten stuck in the "on" position, so to speak. This has essentially created memories that don't actually exist [ref].
Taking a very broad look at the research and resources available, we can put déjà vu experiences into two categories and then see the more subtle distinctions that researchers have placed on it:
  • Associative déjà vu
    The most common type of déjà vu experienced by normal, healthy people is associative in nature. You see, hear, smell or otherwise experience something that stirs a feeling that you associate with something you've seen, heard, smelled or experienced before. Many researchers think that this type of déjà vu is a memory-based experience and assume that the memory centers of the brain are responsible for it.
  • Biological déjà vu
    There are also high occurrences of déjà vu among people with temporal lobe epilepsy. Just before having a seizure they often experience a strong feeling of déjà vu. This has given researchers a slightly more reliable way of studying déjà vu, and they've been able to identify the areas of the brain where these types of déjà vu signals originate. However, some researchers say that this type of déjà vu is distinctly different from typical déjà vu. The person experiencing it may truly believe they've been through the exact situation before, rather than getting a feeling that quickly passes.
Déjà vu also occurs with some predictability in major psychiatric disorders, including anxiety, depression, dissociative disorders and schizophrenia.
Next, we'll look at how researchers have studied this phenomenon.


Six Steps to Becoming a Good Supervisor

July 23rd, 2008 | 1:00 pm

Six Steps to Becoming a Good Supervisor

filed under Expert Answers
Contributed by Ruth Haag of Haag Ennvironmental Company
Typically, no one is trained to be a supervisor. We all have to learn how to manage people on the fly after we are promoted into a management position. When learning to be a good supervisor, it is helpful to keep in mind the things that past supervisors have done that you liked and those that you have not liked so you can use those experiences to guide your decisions as a supervisor. Here are six steps to follow to make sure that you become a leader that others are happy to follow:

(1) Tame yourself – You have to begin by understanding your personality and taming it. If you are too quiet, you will need to work on becoming more outgoing and decisive. If you are too decisive, to the point where you scare people, you will need to work on toning yourself down. You want to become a thoughtful, considerate leader who knows where you are going and is able to communicate that properly to the team.

(2) Have a goal – If you don’t know where you are going, you will never arrive, and no one will be able to follow you. Your goal can be as simple as “providing every customer with the best service” or “no injuries, no deaths on the job” or “make a profit.”

(3) Have a “clear, simple message” – You must be able to convey your goal in a sound bite. People can understand and retain clear, simple messages. You have to be able to repeat the message at meetings, in newsletters and in general conversations. If your people know the message, they will be able to follow.

(4) Look and act like a leader – People have a much easier time following someone who looks as they should. Your clothes should be clean and pressed. Your shoes should be polished. You should walk with confidence.

(5) Be trustworthy – People won’t follow you if they don’t trust you. You must be ethical and honest at all times. People trust people who are clear about what they are doing. People don’t trust people who say one thing at a meeting, and then say or do something different outside of the meeting.

(6) Care about your people – You can’t supervise people if you don’t like them. You shouldn’t become best friends with your staff, but you should know them and know what their problems are. Because you care, you should attend their weddings, and the funerals of their close family members. Because you are their leader, you should not attend more personal functions, such as their birthday parties. You need to keep yourself concerned with your staff, but not intimately involved with them. If you are really not a “people person,” consider another, non-managerial position in your organization.

Ruth Haag (www.ManageLiving.com) is the President and CEO of Haag Environmental Company, a hazardous waste consulting firm. Ruth is also a business management consultant. She trains supervisors to identify their shortcomings and tame them, while creating management systems that focus on their employees rather than themselves. She is also the author of several books, including a four-book series on supervisory management which includes Taming Your Inner Supervisor, Day to Day Supervising, Hiring and Firing and Why Projects Fail. She and her partner, Bob Haag, host the weekly radio show Manage Living, which can be heard on-demand on her site.


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Samsung 2view Camera TV commercial(Kor.)

Shining Inheritance


Han Hyo Joo for Samsung VLUU


Han Hyo-joo ambasador Samsung Camera


Han Hyo-Joo Plays In Sydney For Samsung

Han Hyo-Joo Plays In Sydney For Samsung

Han Hyo-joo (Shining Inheritance), looking pretty as ever in a breezy, earthy look, had a 3 night, 4 day vacation in Sydney while filming for a commercial for Samsung‘s new NX10 digital camera.
Slightly reminiscent of So Ji-sub’s Sony DSLR camera commercials, Han Hyo-joo also takes on the traveler role and wanders about with her Samsung digital camera. If this camera could make me look as pretty as Han Hyo-joo, I would buy it right away.
Han Hyo-joo’s “Beautiful Sydney Story” commercial will be released on February 6th.

Han Hyo Joo – Samsung NX10

Samsung NX100, Stunning Photos in Seconds!

Han hyo joo NX10 TV commercial

[CF] Lee Minho - Bänänä Milk CF 30s Ver.1

Lee Min Ho - Dunkin Donuts ( 던킨씨엡 )

Lee Min Ho Dunkin Donuts iced coffee CF

Etude LUCIDarling CF 55'': Lee Min Ho & Park Shin Hye

Lee Min Ho & Goo Hye Sun for Etude House

Lee Min Ho Park Shin Hye Etude House New CF 30s Ver

Lee Min Ho commercial (ETUDE HOUSE)

Etude House



Mines Wonderland Theme Park

A'Famosa Water World, Melaka

Putrajaya Marriott Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Monday, 4 April 2011

 Theme:“ Expanding your business horizon”
 Date:6 – 8 April 2011
Open to trade and business communities only
9 April 2011
Open to trade and public
 Venue:Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, KLCC
 Operating Hours:10 am – 7 pm (Daily)

Event Secretariat :
Level 8, West Wing, Menara MATRADE,
Jalan Khidmat Usaha, Off Jalan Duta, 50480,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel : + 603 6203 4433
Fax : + 603 6203 4422
Email : enquiry@halal.org.my
Website : www.halal.com.my


Kucing panik di dalam kendaraan..


Drew & May rock!!! Contestshipping Forever!

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Ice cream!!! XD

Imagine dipping a spoon into the most wonderful ice cream you’ve ever had...

The Perfect Blend..This dessert is perfect for one and even better for a crowd!

Neapolitan Ice Cream Pie.. (^_~)

Ais Krim Goreng! Yum! Yum! Yum!

McDonald's McFlurry!

Original LG KF350 Ice Cream.. X)

Pokok durian! XD