Wednesday, 13 April 2011


So much drama I tell you. haha... Well, here is the brief summary:

Ad is Iz's junior during secondary school. He freaking likes bullying her and so you can expect they hate each other like crazy. 8 years after that, they meet again. Iz's girlfriend, Marina fly and leave him, just because Iz proposes her (I swear, that girl is mental! haha... I may afraid of commitment too, but according to that story, this is the third time she left, each one after Iz proposed to her!) Then, Iz is desperate to find a girl for him to introduce to his royal family (Iz is a Tengku) then Ad comes to his house to deliver some dresses of Marina, long story short was mistaken to be Iz's gf, then Iz's grandmother likes her, and they got married, RIGHT AWAY! haha... It was a contract marriage, then they eventually fall in love, then Marina comes back. Iz's cousin loves Ad, Iz's father dislikes Ad, so they want to get rid of Ad once and for all. Except Iz's cousin (whom I found extremely handsome, just from the description, and so cool! haha). Then Iz kicked her out of the house, without knowing that she's pregnant, and then some scenes then they make up.


Got a little "Aa+Bb-ish:" a little bit, then also got Bicara Hati influence, and all sort of novel. I mean this author is damn brilliant, she's like mix up everything into one. haha... I like it, a little. Mostly because it's like other novel written by young author, light and very "teenage-ish" haha... But, it also just like other novel, with so much drama. Ad was shot by Marina, then it was found that Ad got a twin, her name is Ann and she's death because of tumour. Make matter worst, Ann was Iz's first love. Iz's father strongly hates Ad, so he joins forces with Marina to keep the couple apart. Drama, and drama, and drama.

In which at one point, I love English novel more than Malay. Because it got less drama, and the message is more clear. Tapi aku kan orang Melayu, tak nak lah lupa daratan pulak kan. haha... Malay novel is also good what, cuma banyak drama tu jek. And sometimes I got sick of it.

But I like the novel because it's damn funny. I finished 636 pages in less than 12 hours, plus minus my sleeping time. haha... I found most scenes in the novel, so sweet although the narrator said it's romantic. haha... I think they're sweet, not romantic. haha... Like the night, when they had picnic at the field under the stars, then when they were at PD building sand castle at 4 AM, boy so sweet. haha... And they plays hide and seek during weekend at their house. haha... I love those! Then I love the most the part that they used "Kau and aku" even though they already make up. haha... So cool man, it is so not like husband and wife. It's more like housemate or something, even diaorang dah baik pun. haha...

Besides that novel, I borrowed also this for me to read, ONCE again. haha..

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