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Neko no Ongaeshi (The Cat Returns)

Neko no Ongaeshi
(The Cat Returns)

Synopsis - Page 1

The story opens with an alarm bell ringing and a hand reaching out to turn it off. Under the blanket, Haru moved into a more comfortable position; then realized that she was late for school, and quickly rushed to get ready, albeit without first doing a vanity check. She greeted her mother in the kitchen who told her to eat first. When Haru refused, she playfully tempted Haru by biting into her own topped-up bread and saying how delicious it was, while Haru looked on in a very jittery manner. Finally she said that it wasn't fair and ran off.

Things got off to a very bad start even before she got to school. Sneaking in wasn't going to work that day. Apparently, she was so frequently late that her teacher did not even bother to look up as he told Haru to sit down quickly. Her classmates, of course, laughed at her, and Haru was even more disappointed when she saw that the boy she had a crush on was laughing as well.

After school, Haru and her friend Hiromi were walking home, talking about Haru's unfortunate start of the day and their respective crushes (Machida for Haru and Tsuge for Hiromi). Haru had just learned that Machida already has a girlfriend who was a freshman and was arguing with Hiromi when they both noticed a cat carrying a parcel walking past them.

The cat was carrying a parcel in its mouth and the girls were wondering if it was stolen property. The cat had stopped just by the curb and was looking out for traffic. Hiromi shouted at it to be careful but it just crossed the road anyway. It's just a cat, decided Hiromi finally.

The traffic lights had turned green and traffic was on the move again. Right in the middle of the road, the cat dropped its parcel and was having a hard time trying to pick it up with its mouth. A truck was fast moving towards it but both the driver, who was talking on his cellphone, nor the cat seemed to notice each other until it was too late. Instinctively, Haru, with Hiromi's stick in her hands, ran towards the cat, swept it up, and made a dash just as the truck drove past her.

The stick crashed into a post and Haru lost her balance as both she and the the broken stick dropped onto the pavement. Panting from her escapade, she looked up to see if the cat was alright.

The cat was standing on both legs and dusting itself like a human being would. It noticed Haru staring at it and faced her, smiling- and thanked her for saving him, even bowing as well. It took a dumbfounded Haru a moment to say anything at all and bow back. When she looked up, the cat was already on his way again.

By then, Hiromi had caught up with her. As she lamented about her broken stick, Haru just looked on as the cat paused at a corner, bowed again, and scampered away again. She asked Hiromi if she saw what she saw. Hiromi hadn't obviously, but instead asked if she was okay.

Back home, she finds her mother in the kitchen in the middle of a pile of mess. She asks her mother if cats can talk. Her mother, too engrossed in her work, just said that she wouldn't know. It took a while for Haru's words to sink in.

Over dinner, Haru's mother told her about how she used to say that she could talk to cats when she was a child. Haru couldn't remember it and sat back as her mother related the story to her.

Synopsis - Page 2

The next scene sees Haru eating a pack of fish snacks while a small white cat follows her from behind. She soon noticed the cat and asked it what the matter was. The cat simply gave a meow and Haru asked it if it was hungry and proceeded to give it some of the fish snacks from her box. Seeing how happy it was, she gave the cat the whole box. Her mother soon arrived to pick her up.

That night, as Haru slept, the neighborhood cats were aroused by glowing lights traversing the road. Their meowing woke Haru up, who got up to see what was going on.

The lights revealed a procession of cats, all walking on two legs. The neighborhood cats tried to interfere with the procession but were chased off by the guards. By then, Haru had come out of her house to see for herself what was going on. As the main carriage stopped infront of her gate, Haru hid behind a pillar. A messenger coughed and was about to begin delivering his message when it noticed Haru hiding. After beckoning her forward, the messenger related the incident earlier on and told her that the cat she saved earlier happened to be the prince of the cat world. As such, the king himself has come to personally thank her. The king gave a groan, then casually thanked her. Haru giggled nervously, then startled back as a scroll was pushed into her face. The bearer of the scroll told her that the entire kingdom would try to repay her as best as they can. The king then groaned again and said goodbye. The procession of cats then left as mysteriously as they had arrived.

The next morning, Haru woke up wondering if it was all a dream. Hiromi called her soon after to ask her if she had sent her new sticks to compensate for her broken one. Haru denied it, so Hiromi was left wondering who had sent her hundreds of replacement sticks.

As Haru looked at the scroll on her desk, she heard her mother call for her downstairs and saw, to her surprise, her front and backyard covered with cattails, much to the dismay of her mother. When Haru left for school later, a trail of cats followed her all the way to school, drawing stares from her friends and earning her a scolding from her teacher. She wasn't spared yet; she found boxes of mice in her locker, which scattered on the floor, causing the cats to chase after them while Haru made her getaway.

In class, Haru opened the scroll. By the pictographs, her fears were confirmed; it was the cats' doing after all. She was counting the number of 'gifts' she had already received when Hiromi called her from behind. Haru desperately tried to hide it from her but Hiromi didn't seem to even bother what it was. She did, however, wanted to ask Haru if she could do her class chores that day. Tsuge was having his ping-pong match that day and she would be late if she was to do her chores. Haru agreed.

As Haru was bringing out the trash, she saw Machida walking with a girl along the covered pathway. She gazed at them walking together so intently that she failed to notice the barrier in front of her and fell terribly. Machida, on the other hand, was seen cautioning his girlfriend about the steps in front of her.

Haru quickly tossed the trash back into the bin. She missed one and went to retrieve it. She paused before bending down, then grabbing the piece of trash, tried to vent her anger by throwing the trash back on the ground, then decided against it. As she lamented, a cat called out to her behind the gate. It grinned.

Haru grabbed it by the neck and accused it for causing all the trouble she had that day. The cat denied it, saying that it was only there to see if she was happy with her gifts. She didn't, obviously, and let the cat know that she liked neither the catnip nor mice.

It was now the cat's turn to be worried, wondering how it was going to report to the king. Haru tried to pacify it by saying that she wasn't really that angry, and that she was just having a bad day. The cat later told her that she was invited to the kingdom. The prince, Lune, would be expected home soon, and there she will be married to him. Haru, who until then just nodded her head, objected strongly, stating that he was a cat and she was not. The cat asked her what the problem was, since the prince was a 'cool' guy.

Synopsis - Page 3

Haru thought for a moment. She thought aloud about how it might be possible that being a cat might be great after all, eating and sleeping all the time, but then said that marrying the prince was going too far. Too late, the cat interpreted Haru's babbling as a yes and was already leaving. A panicky Haru fell over another barricade as she tried to stop it. By then, the cat was long gone.

Haru was in serious trouble now with seemingly no way out. Her head filled with images of her and the cat prince in a marriage ceremony when suddenly, a voice called out to her, telling her that the only way out of the mess was to go to the 'Cat's Business Office'. A fat white cat at the Crossroad would lead her there.

Haru went to the Crossroad after school in search of the said cat. After walking for a while, she decided to take a break at the nearby cafe and sat on- of all things- a big white cat. In the confusion, she accidentally called it 'buta neko' or pig-cat. Realizing that it could be the cat she was looking for, she whispered to the cat that she was looking for the Cat's Office. The cat turned its head around and stared at her as she stared back. After a long moment of no reaction from the cat, Haru decided that she was talking to the wrong cat and was about to leave when the cat told her to follow it.

The cat led her across alleyways, parapets, walls and rooftops, anywhere but an open space. Haru shouted after it if it was doing it because she had called it fat earlier on because it seemed like it was taking the hardest route on purpose. At the end of an alley, Haru bent down and peeped around the corner at the cat. There was an arch ahead of her. As soon as the cat passed it, it immediately stood on two legs. Haru gasped in surprise, then followed it.

The town was exceedingly small. Everything, from the buildings to the tower in the middle, was of miniature size. The cat she was following was walking up to one of the smaller houses, took out the newspaper from the letter box, and sat down on the chair outside it to read. It completely ignored Haru as she complained about her problem.

A cat figurine in the window caught Haru's eyes. Admiring it, she soon came to realize that the house might be the Cat's Business Office after all. As the sun set, every single window facing the sun reflected the sun's rays in a glimmering display at that particular house. The white cat shouted at "Baron" and told it that he had a visitor, so stop with the pretence already. When the sun disappeared completely, the lamp post outside the house lit up and the door opened.

A figure in smart European clothing walked up to Haru. It introduced itself as the Baron. The cat was the same one that had been standing in the window, so Haru asked how come it was alive. The Baron explained that when an artisan creates something full of hope and soul, the creation itself will have a soul. Like the gargoyle crow on the tower. Haru spun around just in time to see the gargoyle turn into a living crow. The Baron introduced her to it as Toto.

The Baron asked Haru why she had come to see him. She explained her predicament about how she saved the prince of cats from an accident, and how in trying to return the favor, she was to marry the prince.

At this point, the white cat stopped reading his newspaper to scold Haru for saving the prince, and quoted Haru's predicament as an example of what happens to a busybody. The crow starting arguing with the cat, Muta, and a brawl ensued, of which the Baron took no interest in, and invited Haru in.

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Nicholas Jerry Jonas (Nick Jonas)
Birthday: September, 16 (September.16/1992)
Parents: Denise (née Miller) and Paul Kevin Jonas, Sr
Sibilings: Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas and Frankie Jonas

Destiny Hope Cyrus (Miley Ray Cyrus)
Birthday: November.23 (November.23/1992)
Parents: Billy Ray Cyrus and Tish Cyrus
Sibilings: Christopher Cody Cyrus (Billy Ray Cyrus)
Trace Cyrus (Tish Cyrus)
Brandi Cyrus (Tish Cyrus)
Braison Cyrus (Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus)
Noah Cyrus (Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus)

Nick Jonas and Destiny Hope Cyrus *Miley Ray Cyrus*

Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus (Niley)

Nick and Miley met on the 11th June 2006, at the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS
foundation. They didn't know anything about each other but Miley knew from a
friend that Nick thought she was pretty.
Nick was the one who made the first
move. He went up to her with a bunch of friends and introduced himself. She told
him "I don't do handshakes, I do hugs." after they hugged she noticed his shirt
and blurted out "I hate your shirt". He invited her to go out with him and
his friends that night. She went with her sister Brandi and after Nick and her
spoke on the phone untill 4am.

Nick lived on the East coast and Miley lived in L.A but whenever Miley was in
New York or Nick was in L.A they'd see eachother. Then Nick and his family moved
to L.A. a few blocks away from Miley and things started to become more intense.

They would meet at 5 a.m. and say hi to each other before they would go to
work. When they had some free time they would hang out at each others houses.
Miley said it was an insta-crush. "It felt like the whole
world stopped & nothing else mattered" she wrote in Miles to go. They'd play
basket ball, or video games together, Miley would ride her bike & Nick would
walk along beside her singing My girl by the temptations but changing the lyrics
from 'My girl talkin' 'bout my girl.' to 'Miley taklin' 'bout Miley.' Miley was
in the middle of writing the 'Meet Milet Cyrus' CD, & you'd think that Nick
would of distracted her, but He didn't. She was inlove & had alot to say
about it. When they were still dating it could be seen in their work that they
were in love because Miley wrote a lot of songs about their love and so did
Nick. They were completely in love with each other and to them nothing else

After a while they started to argue normally about stupid things and for
stupid reasons but after all no relationship is perfect. They decided to take a
break from their relationship. They weren’t happy about
it but still they stopped the relationship for a while. During that period of time Miley wrote
some pre-break-up songs such as G.N.O. (Girls Night Out), but right after she
wrote “Right Here” to tell him that whenever he was going through troubles she
was always there for him. They were both broken hearted and they were living
strange lives. Then came The Egg Roll. Miley saw him and she knew that from then
they were back together or they never broke up, they only went on a break for a
total of 7 days.

Niley broke up on the 19th of December 2007. Miley wrote in her book  Miles
To Go that it was the worst day of her life, and no doubt it was the same for
Nick. On the last day of tour Miley said in here book that she wrote about 10
pages back and front of why she loved Nick. She was angry and hurt so she wrote
“7 Things”, the songs about how you really should hate someone but you can't
bring yourself to do so, she didn't hate Nick, and she couldn't hate Nick, Miley
knew that at some point the song was going to turn into a love song. Miley dyed
her hair black and she even said it herself that she wanted to look hardcore and
not beautiful, she wanted to be the complete oposite of what she was when she
was with Nick. After the brake up Nick wrote “Sorry” which he tells Miley he is
sorry about what he did and what happened. Niley weren’t seen anywhere together
anymore, and they didn't talk or hang out through all of 2008.

Then at the end of March 2009.. NILEY RE-UNITED. Miley and Nick said it themselves
that they were over the separation and that their families were extremely happy
that they re-connected. Miley was in a relationship with Justin Gaston but that
relationship ended on the 6th June 2009 (YES !!), the day before Miley left for
Savannah to start shooting a movie called “The Last Song”.
Then on the 8th of June 2009 Nick flew to Savannah and Niley was seen Jet-skiing together, It
was rumored there was a kiss, but it wasn't confirmed because the pictures and
videos clear enough. After that the song “Before The Storm” was recorded which
is a duet sung and written by Miley and Nick, Nick wrote the song originaly then
asked Miley to record it with him so they could tell their story, Miley sat at
the piano and changed some lyrics in the song, but not enough so that it was
completely different. They performed it on the first concert of the Jonas
Brothers world Tour in Dallas on June 20th.

It was seen that there was chemistry between the two on stage andtheir smiles said
it all. After the performance they hugged and Miley kissed Nick on the cheek.
It's obvious that Before the Storm is close to their hearts. Miley even tweeted
asking the fans to vote for the song in the Teen Choice Awards and tweeted about
it getting nominated "I got my Teen Choice Award nominations!!! Pleaseeee vote
for me! Before the storm with Nicky got nominated!!! Ahhh" she tweeted. Before
The Storm won the award for summer song. Joe Jonas almost confirmed that Nick
and Miley were dating again in an interview with Larry king, saying, "No ones as
famous as Miley Cyrus." When Larry asked Joe if his girlfriend was as famous as
his, referring to Nick. Niley fans know that Nick and Miley are meant to be.
They were a cute couple and we hope that they will be seen as a couple again
someday... after all when they broke-up Miley said it herself “Maybe he'll be my
best friend for the rest of my life or maybe I'll end up marrying Nick

110 Reasons Why Nick & Miley Are Meant To Be.1. Because she changed the lyrics to “Radio, let me show you Nick J!”
2. Because he visited her in Georgia on his one day off before tour.     3. Because they hugged at the Kid’s inaugural after months of not speaking. 4. Because he kissed her on the Jet Ski.
5. Because she carried around a first aid kit just in case he got sick from his diabetes. 
6. Because his favourite guitar is the one he wrote part of “Before The Storm “on.
7. Because he saved her life, helping her find out about her hypoglycaemia.8. Because he changed the lyrics from “My Girl” to “Mi-ley” for her.9. Because his favourite perfume on a girl is “Miss Dior Cherie’’…. Miley’s favourite
10. Because her dad loves him.
11. Because “Nobody’s as famous as Miley Cyrus.”
12. Because they both said they might get married someday.
13. Because her most romantic moment was with him.
14. Because she tweeted ‘’Inseparable.”
15. Because they wrote a song together about their love story
16. Because they made a bet before the “BTS” performance.
17. Because she wished him a “Happy 18th Birthday” at midnight.
18. Because he still sings “Before The Storm” at concerts, alone.
19. Because she went to his 3D Movie premiere after party.
20. Because without her, he’s missing a piece of the song.
21. Because she still loves him with everything in her.
22. Because he’s her Prince Charming.
23. Because she hated his shirt.
24. Because she couldn’t get him a car, so she got him a bike.
25. Because they fell in love all over again. (Easter Egg Roll 2007)
26. Because she was his first kiss.
27. Because she’s his destiny.
28. Because he makes her love him.
29. Because she said the song “Full Circle” it’s about a Jonas brother.
30. Because it’s tough for him to know that he wasn’t always there for her.

31. Because they think the world of each other.
32. Because no matter what, they’re always going to be best friends.
33. Because they shared clothes.
34. Because he thanked her on his album.
35. Because she wrote 10 pages back & forth about why she loved him, how she would wait for him & why they needed to be together. 
36. Because the pictures she took were for him.
37. Because her cell phone background was a picture of them kissing. 
38. Because she had a picture of them on the wall of her tour bus.
39. Because she wore a JONAS shirt
40. Because she wore his dog tag.
41. Because she’d write his name on her hand.
42. Because the won a Teen Choice Award for “Before The Storm.”
43. Because he’s her favourite Jonas Brother.
44. Because she was his celebrity crush before they dated.
45. Because her “M.A.S.H.”GAME RESULTS SAID SHE’D MARRY Nick… and she put a heart next to his name.
46. Because she tweeted about the Road Dogs winning.
47. Because they couldn’t keep their eyes off each other at the Golden Globes. 

48. Because she promoted his 3D movie.
49. Because she said she needs a guy who’s calmer than her.
50. Because he wants her on his waffle ball team.
51. Because he took her to lunch.
52. Because Elvis Costello brings her back home.
53. Because she was the first girl to be in a car with him when he got his first fender bender.
54. Because he knows how to play “Rockstar” on the guitar.
55. Because “7 Things”& “Hello Beautiful” have the same tune.  

56. Because they had the kind of love that makes you want to dance in the rain.
57. Because it comes down to a good friendship, and whatever that has in the future.
58. Because he’s lovely.
59. Because the day he went to the Dodger’s game, she wished she was there too.
60. Because she thanked him on her first MileyMandy video.
61. Because he signs “Miles To Go” books.
62. Because he’s irresistible.
63. Because even though she was back home, she missed him.
64. Because she thinks he’s amazing.
65. Because he hoped her 17th birthday was awesome.
66. Because now he means it, and she believes it.
67. Because he's her "Nicky."
68. Because he can’t just cut things off between them.
69. Because he lets her kiss onstage.
70. Because they both wrote songs titled, “Stay.”
71. Because even Disney knows their voices sound perfect together.
72. Because it didn’t hit the table.
73. Because she does love him.
74. Because they have history
75. Because “Before The Storm” is his favourite track on the LVATT album.
76. Because they reconnected.
77. Because she said they had a genuine love.
78. Because she had a dream that Nick rescued her.
79. Because she wrote a whole chapter about him.
80. Because they were each other’s first loves.

81. Because she loves his hair, eyes & old Levis.
82. Because he covers her songs at his concerts.
83. Because she thought it was a sign that they were both hardcore Christians.
84. Because he’d ask her to visit him in the morning before work.
85. Because she didn’t do handshakes, she did hugs.
86. Because even the storms feel natural like part of what is meant to be.
87. Because 7 Things is about “YOU KNOW WHO.”
88. Because he couldn’t stop looking at the magazine she was on.
89. Because she wouldn’t lose him for anything.
90. Because she taught him how to ride a horse. 
91. Because he wrote “Lovebug”while on tour with her.
92. Because the “Start All Over” music video was uploaded the day they broke up.
93. Because he’s the only boyfriend of hers that wasn’t set up by her parents.
94. Because she tried to get him to be a special guest on her YouTube show.
95. Because she uses his songs as background music on her YouTube videos.
96. Because she could write a bajilion songs about him.
97. Because she texts him during radio interviews.
98. Because she would sleep holding her phone to keep him close.
99. Because he reads her articles & watched her dad on “Larry King.”
100. Because they danced with no music playing.
101. Because when they kiss, she’s hypontized.
102. Because she dyed her hair the way he liked it.
103. Because she’ll always be right there.
104. Because the JB episode of “Hannah Montana” was an inside joke about their relationship.
105. Because she favourited their live performance of “BTS” on YouTube.
106. Because the Jonas Brothers are her favourites and the most incredible guys she knows.
107. Because she got jealous when he talked to other girls.
108. Because they still hold the record for each other’s longest relationships.
109. Both Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus tweeted #VoteForCeCe on December.6th/2012 they were supporting their Best Friend Demi Lovato who is/was mentoring CeCe Frey aka Young Adults in the competition.
110: Nick Jonas wrote a song on the new Jonas Brothers album called Wedding Bells. Song about how he doesn't want Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth To Get Married. 
111: Because after Miley wrote "GNO" she felt bad about it and wrote "right here" to show nick that she'd always be there for him
112: Because "goodbye" was one of the songs Miley wrote for nick. "I remember when we kissed, I still feel it on my lips."
113: Because "sorry" came out 1 week after the breakup. it talks about being in the rain and represents their breakup
114: Because "turn right" is said to be a response to Miley's song "full circle"
115: Because Nick wrote "love bug" 2 weeks before the breakup and Miley is rumoured to have co-written it with him
116: Because "one man show" was rumoured to be the response to "GNO" and "7 things" it came out 2 weeks after the breakup
117: Because Miley was upset when she wrote "7 things" & she wanted to hurt nick but instead of a hate song, it ended up being a love song
118: Because Miley said most of the songs on her "meet Miley Cyrus" album are about prince charming. "see you again" is one of those songs 
119. Because she loved him then……
120. She loves him now.