Monday, 3 October 2016

Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School – Future Arc (2016) Opening Lyrics

Dead Or Lie – Maon Kurosaki feat.TRUSTRICK

Dead Or Lie Lyrics 

Standard, that voice calling to me.
Saying "no" to yesterday... but that has no connection!
Stardust, a game score filled with holes.
Dead or alive, dead or alive, I just want to see freedom!
Going out into the closed off night, I'll be eaten away.
A liar with a transparent weapon.
For what purpose? What do you protect? So immature.
I'll destroy it all with this bullet!
Even in this looping monochrome world without light,
Never end, never end, my heart will never be stained.
In this end of worlds, I'll grab even the smallest amount of hope in this despair.
With my trembling fingers, I'll set my sights and search for the future!

Romaji Lyrics 

Stand up mada boku wo yonderu koe ga
"YES" datte, "NO" datte kankei wa nai sa
Stardust anadarake no geemu sukoa
Dead or lie, dead or alive jiyuu wo mitakute
Go out tozasareta yoru ni obiete wa
Tomei na buki wo te ni ireteru liar
Nani no tame ni nani wo mamoru nanka immature
Buchikowasu kono dangan de!
Never land monokuro na hikari no nai sekai demo
Never land, never land kokoro wa somaranai
The end of worlds zetsubou ni wazuka na kibou nigirishimeta
Furueru yubi de, nerai sadamete mirai wo sagase

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