Tuesday, 10 May 2011

It's For The Best.. - Poem by Sterb

It's For The Best..

I love you with all my heart,
My heart pumped it's blood right through my skin,
And it's your foot on the pump,
My blood spills and it's just fine
Blood doners exist and my friends are divine,
Your love made me stronger now that it's gone,
I'll be okay and you will move on.

I'll always love you and my thoughts of you won't leave,
You'll always be missed but i won't grieve,
I'm better than that and better enough to know you're not worth this,
The stars are too pretty to stare at the ground,
There's a ladder back up in every abyss,
You made it a grave when i fell in a ditch,
But I brought a rope, that you've helped me stitch,
It's harder to live expecting you to exist,
Your absence is easier when I'm so used to it.

Each day I'm put down expecting the slightest, (Thing from you)
I try not to believe but it's hard to resist, (When will i learn from you)
Deep down i know you don't want this but love is a funny isn't it?
Until you do it keeps me with you being a fool for this,
But i can't take giving you my love without it being filled back up,
My love is divine and yours was never mine.
My devotion and desire was wasted,
Sometimes you've got to pay attention to yourself,
Before you're depleted.
The soils getting rich, and harder for me to grasp,
If i don't leave now, I'll be forever trapped,
In this ditch that you've dug,
And the grave that I've created.
So farewell and forever be well.

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